Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Valuable Time

That's more like it.
I got to spend time with Him today.  Several times!
Instead of taking each "coincidence" for granted, I was able to thank Him for being there with His protection and provision.
I hope you were able to do the same.

So beautiful to see the glory,
the moving of His hand;
so wonderful to be at peace with
"I don't understand..."
O blessed be His Presence in
that time I set aside!
It has to be in daily life,
lest I should be denied.

How many are to understand
a life lived at God-speed?
God has to be a part of it,
or it will fail indeed!
For He is worthy of the time
and much, so much, much more,
and I must give that time to Him
to know what is in store.

O make that time to understand
the moving of His hand!
Talk to Him throughout the day
and He will make you stand!
Time will have more meaning and
you'll know prosperity
by making that fresh time with Him
utmost priority!

Time.  We are only allowed so much.  Do not take it for granted.  Spend time with God before anything else and abundant life will be granted!

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