Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Uncommon Life!

Quite a few things I have written about of late are common to this life.  There is a Place, however, where none of these things will be present.

Beyond these storms that life presents,
(beyond destruction, too,)
there is a Perfect Place that waits-
that final rendezvous!
Christ be calling each of us
from there with times that vary.
Life there in that final place-
it is NOT ordinary!!

es, beyond the storms that come
upon us from the sky...
beyond the storms afflicted by
a situation nigh...
even past that storm that's stirred up
by somebody's hate-
there awaits God's Paradise
where we shall celebrate!

O try to rise above the storms

that happen in this life.
Call upon the Name of Jesus,
He will calm the strife!
Press on, press on unto that day
when storms are in the past,
and you'll be present in That Day
that will, forever, last!

Life will be perfect there!

No more more more need to be suspicious of anyone or anything...and no more sickness or dying!!
As the hymnist of old wrote,
"Won't it be wonderful there?"

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