Sunday, May 22, 2016

That Morning Song!

How wonderful the day has been!!
But what made it any different other day?

I heard from God this morning,
He gave my heart a song.
I carried glad that melody
but all the morning long!
And even with the afternoon
so filled with all of life,
those verses were deflection for
the troubles and the strife!
The song my Father gave me
did not prevent the trial.
It did, however, help me keep
upon my heart a smile!
I thought that no one knew it,
but I was being seen;
one thanked me for the understanding,
and not being mean!

That morning song so faithful-
He sings to me each day
and helps me be a song to others
on the Narrow Way.
We each face things so similar
as we go along.
Why not bless everyone around
by living out His song?

That song first thing in the morning.
I know so many others with something else first thing in the morning.
What would it be like if....

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