Friday, May 13, 2016

No more list!

Finally, the list of today's things is over.
I can get something cold, my paper and pen, and

Peaceful is the afternoon
with breezes soft and cool--
like walking with Almighty God
while He's conducting school!
So many things to do today
and most of them got done;
things to cancel here and now?
I cannot think of one!

I will not let a single thing
prevent this precious time!
If 'life' tries to creep up on me
but higher will I climb!
But 'life' is what He says it will be,
therefore, safe am I
to savor oh this wondrous time
with my God Most high!

So wonderful, the afternoon
and after all is done.
Time with Jesus Christ--it can
be serious or fun!
Here in His creation I
am blessed, so very blessed!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
provider of my rest!

What a wonderful afternoon.  We are so blessed to have perfect weather (for the moment!) to enjoy it with, and I will take full advantage of it!

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