Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother still

Memories again.
Do they ever go away, do they stay with you here and beyond?
The ones that I have are treasures that know no price!

So many years gave she to us,
so much concern and care.
Did she give second thought to all
the life that she would share?
She put that life into us all,
that nothing we would lack...
O God, please make sure that this man
would give her something back!

But God, she may not get it in
this life that we know now,
this woman that is full of love
and always kept her vow,
so please see to it that she knows,
there in that life beyond
that we appreciate her so
and, of her, we are fond!

But God, we have her here and now!
We are so very blessed!
I will see to it that her praise
and honor are expressed!
For she is worthy of it, Lord,

as she continues yet
to minister to everyone,
her company, to get!

Due to the "condition" that this writer has, I have to write things down in order to remember them.  Some years are completely gone.  However, I have so many precious, wonderful memories of my mother and all the wonderful things she is to me...while being so far beyond a "thing."

Thanks, mom.
Thank You, God!

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