Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother and wife

I wrote recently of the blessings and memories of my mom.  Today, I want to thank God and edify the mother of my children.

The cooking and the cleaning...
the laundry all the time...
going faster than us all
while stopping on a dime...
doing all that she must do
while serving us, as well...
though it takes its toll upon her
very few can tell.

I can tell, however, as
I'm with her through a lot.
I cannot fathom how she goes
with all that she has got!
I know that she gets power from
her Lord and Father God!
And how she does surely makes me
praise her and applaud.
And of much more from me she
deserves, that is for sure!
She does all that she can for all,
with motives that are pure!
She even finds the time to pray
and get into His Word;
in spite of all the obstacles
and things that are occurred.

So, blessings to the mother of
my daughter and my son.
Through your very hands so many
miracles are done!
It is with pride and adoration
I call you my wife!
You gave me two great miracles,
and you complete my life!

Debby Busby, I had always prayed for a good wife.  But what I got was a best friend, a fun person, (a great driver!) and a very caring mother to my children!  God is so good!!


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