Thursday, May 19, 2016

More Assurance!

"You saw me in the centuries ago.
Everything about me did you know.
You knew when I would turn to You and why;
You saw what I would be and You supply!

O God, for there is no one else like You.
You ordained a certain avenue
for this man to follow and arrive;
therefore I am yet--I am alive!!

You saw me before anything was made.
You did not panic at what was displayed!
The good, oh Lord, so far outweighs the bad;
and You are present through all that I had.

I cling to You!  I worship You always,
no matter what is featured in my days!
I know that You are fully in control.
I know Your destiny, Lord, for my soul!"

More assurance! 
God Most High has every one of our moments secure in His hand! we go through life with a "Who cares?!" attitude?  NO WAY!  We go through life with the assurance that we are in the palm of His hand, and that what we say and do matters!

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