Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Again

Living in America, it is very easy to take for granted a lot of things.  One of them being the price paid for our liberty.

Freedom--oh how great the cost

to have such in this life!
Freedom--some paid it for us
with pain and grief and strife...
Freedom--but one price exacted
only ONE could pay,
and we pay them back honor due
on this most hallowed day.

Because of their unselfishness
that picnic will go on...
because they cared not for the cost,
our trepidation's gone...
because they were obedient
to country and command
we can hold parades and events,
we can freely stand!

And we stand and bow our heads
in gratitude to God;
and them that did not come back home
we certainly applaud!
Thank you, every person past
from each branch of service,
because of you can we live lives
that are much less nervous.

God rest their souls.
God minister yet to the families of them that gave all.
God continue to lead, direct and bless this great nation.

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