Sunday, May 15, 2016

Knowing His Care

The love of God.
All the words from all the writers cannot accurately capture it.
Here is one more attempt from this writer...

There's no one to take care of me

the way that Jesus does.
I'm always a what "is" to Him
and never a what "was!"
He spends a lot of time with me,
much more than any other;
He not only calls me 'friend,'
He also calls be 'brother!'

Oh, the care He has for those
who call upon His Name!
He makes sure we are lacking not,
He sets our hearts aflame!
He even gives His very self
to anyone who'll ask!
And when He starts that work in you,
He finishes the task!!

There's no one to take care of YOU
the same way as The Lord!
In His heart we are approved,
in His eyes we're adored!
Get close to Him and you will see,
just call His holy Name
and you, also, will come to know
the reason why He came!

God's love is perfect.  His care for us is so incredible.  So many take it for granted because they can't see Him.  They can't see Him, or are they just not looking for Him?

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