Friday, May 27, 2016

In Honor Bow

Memories alive!
They differ in each of our hearts, but one thing ties them together...

From revolutionary in
the centuries ago-
(appreciation and respect,
they are same to know;)
to them that are now missing somewhere
in the middle east-
reflect we on each battle and
count not one as "the least."

As we look at "Memorial"
but only days from now,
memorials already be
in hearts with sealed vow!
The calendar to mark such honor
only for one day,
the heart, however, knows no limit
honor to display.

We ponder yet again the ones
who died that we may live;
we honor them that honored us
with their own lives to give!
Kindly do we bow--respect
and gratitude to each,
while bowing unto God Most High-
their souls to yet beseech!!

Thank you for sharing your loved ones with us.
Thank you for sacrificing what we could not that we would continue to enjoy freedom.
"Thank You, Lord, we gave their all.  Please rest their souls.
Thank You, oh Lord, for America!  Please bless her!"

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