Monday, May 16, 2016


Assurance.  Each of us has it.  But how many know and accept it?

How wonderful is the assurance
that I get from God!
Sometimes, when I feel I have failed,
He's right there to applaud!
He knows what I am fitted for,
my capabilities;
my weaknesses and my strengths--
He is aware of these!

He says "You did your best!"
At times He says "I know you tried,
and by that, I am blessed."
Regardless of the outcome,
He always understands;
and when I am victorious,
He's right there in the stands!

So wonderful, the affirmation
of a loving God!
When speaking of Him in this way
some find Him very odd!
If only they could see how loving,
how supportive He,
perhaps they, too, would cling to Him
as He to such as we!

God's Word is "Yea" and Amen!"  He tells us in it countless times that He loves us, He is for us, and there is so much in store if we follow Him!
Do YOU have His assurance?

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