Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Growing in Grace

Growing in grace.
It has such deep theological attributes and applications.  However, much greater than all of that, is the beauty and simplicity of it and its Teacher!

Grace--You are my teacher as

I grow from day-to-day;
Grace--for You are my control
upon the Narrow Way;
Grace--for You are greater than
mere 'formula' could catch;
Grace--for You are living and
there is no other match!

Grace is but another Name

for Jesus Christ the Lord.
For only through the Father's Grace
is Jesus to afford
the miracles and wonderments-
ours from Him alone;
know the fullness of His Grace
then, surely, you have grown.

Growing in grace.

It's not always painless.  It's not always beautiful.  It's not even always simple.  It IS always necessary.

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