Sunday, May 1, 2016

God's got this!

On the road again.  So much on my many things going on...I must let it all go and enjoy the trip...

Traffic has me in no hurry

as I go my way...
it will not steal the joy I have-
impossible to say!

That person in that situation
tempting me to fret-
they cannot take the peace I have
in Him Whom I have met!

That situation on my mind
as I am heading home,
I turn it over to my God
and I am free to roam!

So many are the difficulties
on the Narrow Way
that bid us 'panic' by their presence,
oh, but "LIFE!" I say
unto them as I stand upon
the power of The Word!
Thus, no matter what the outcome,
victory is occurred!

Life goes on.  Without us?  If you let it!  But with the security we have in Jesus, we don't have to stay on the sideline fearing failure.  Nor do I need to mull it over in my mind, "what-ifing" about the future.  God has that in the palm of His hand!
Keep living!!  God's got this.

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