Friday, May 20, 2016

Give my all?

But how can I give?  What can I give? 
So very blessed am I to have open communication to KNOW these answers!

"To You alone do I avail

my resources, o Lord.
But only from your hand did You,
already such afford!
What have I that You have need of?
Attention?  Love?  Time?
But God, I give You all, as up
into Your arms I climb!

To You, alone, do I avail...

But God, You need it not!
In this world's eyes I am a number,
just a minute blot!
O but in Your eyes I am
important, loved and kept!
You've celebrated with me, Lord;
and, when I've hurt, You've wept!

To You, alone, do I avail?
But only I give all
because I know somehow, some time
unto me it will fall!
What can I give to Who owns all,
save that which I am told
at the moment that You say
as earthly times unfold."

You, too, can know these answers.

Listen and discern the call of God in your own life.  RESPOND to that call and things will happen!  Don't just blow it off and keep doing what your 'self' tells you too.  Nobody wins then.

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