Friday, May 6, 2016


Mother's Day.  One Sunday in May??  Not in my life!

I know a special woman,

(more special with each day!)
she knows almost everything,
like when and what to say;
she teaches others how to cook,
and how to read and write;
and when I call her "mother,"
my heart takes such delight!

This very special woman
taught me for many years.
I did not learn too quickly;
(that caused her many tears!)
I even went the other way
than what she tried to teach;
but, over time, that heart of hers,
into my own did reach!
And not into mine only,
the love of her to reach,
many folks in many places
would, her love, beseech,
but they can't call her "momma" with
the meaning that I can!
Knowing this, so very fortunate
becomes this man!

I know a special woman
that many others know,
and they appreciate her, too;
so many ways to show!
I appreciate her with
some letter, word and line;
"Thank You, God, this special woman,
to me did You assign!"

Mother's Day. 

It is this Sunday.  That is so wrong!  My mother deserves recognition EVERY DAY! 
I love you, momma!

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