Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear ones gone

A stirring of the heart at this time of year, mindful of such occasions all throughout the year that happen 'whenever.'

So many to affect our lives
by the things they've done...
They are the ones that we call 'friends'
and even 'daughters,' 'sons;'
fathers, mothers, grandparents,
all gathered for one cause-
we bow our heads in silence for them,
then we give applause!

These ones we love so dearly-
each one, they gave their all.
Unto all corners of the globe
they met this nation's call.
The industry of 'battle' has
so many implements,
but very few were specified
when signing their consents.

The heroes of this nation-
we honor them once more.
No parade receiving, neither
ticker-tape be for.
For they were gone before the
celebrations could commence,
therefore we set our time aside
for proper precedence!

Every rank in every branch
in every conflict past-
we bow our heads and honor them
with gratitude amassed!

Memorial Day approaches.

These words come from a heart that believes that Memorial Day should not be confined to one Monday in May each year.  May we remember them and honor them often, and continue to pray to God for the families that we know of who are shedding tears this time of year.  He is comfort and healing.

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