Saturday, May 14, 2016


A slow, lazy afternoon.
The sun is beginning to make it's way west, causing the shadows to dance upon the land...

My Father...oh the wonder of
relationship to share!
He makes the trees I walk beneath...
He makes the precious air!
He gives me time for to enjoy
the workings of His hands...
the love that I have for Him, oh,
I know He understands!

There is no limit to the love
my Father has for me!
He assures that, such affection,
I may clearly see!
And in those moments when that sight
is hindered somehow,
I have His blest assurance, yes,
I have His solemn vow!

How wonderful my Father is
as we take in creation!
He tells me that I'll never know
another such relation!
How splendid, the variety
in His great Presence here!
God Most High--His Eminence,
forever I'll revere!!

So beautiful and so vast are these trees this afternoon.  They dance ever so lightly in the soft breeze.  They raise their arms unto Him in adoration.
I cannot help but do the same!

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