Thursday, May 12, 2016


The more I get involved in this world, the more I yearn for that one awaiting...
The more business I get busy with, the more I look forward to the rest that HE provides...
Don't be deceived!

All day in a place where I
can minister to others...
reaching out in fellowship
to enemies and to brothers;
all the while, recalling greater
in that Place awaiting;
we will toil no longer there,
for we'll be celebrating!

Celebrating Jesus Christ
because of Who He is
as He shares with us Heaven, yes,
and everything that's His!
Worshipping Him evermore
there in that Perfect Place!
It helps me in a cruel world
for to dispense much grace!

This world can be cruel.  This world can be beautiful.  But those things that are beautiful are only glimpses of the wonders that await in that world beyond! 
Try not to get caught up in anything that will rob you of something greater!

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