Monday, May 23, 2016

Another sign

Another sign of the last days.  Deception.
In some eyes it may seem petty, but to those affected, it can be quite painful.  Even affecting relationships.

Once again, a dark reminder
of the days we're in.
Why can't there be integrity
like, days before, has been?
Why is there so much in this day
"What can I get for ME?"
Has greed so great a stronghold that
we can no longer see?

Some would sell their soul obtaining
that which they desire...
others skip the sale completely
stealing to acquire!
All of it just adding pain
unto 'relationship.'
We've got to turn ourselves around
and cling to God's great grip!!

One will attempt to deceive another just to obtain something.  Usually something of little value.  Why?
The man I was talking to this morning told me he would have probably GIVEN it to the other person if they had only asked.
So painful are the days.  So close is the end.
Stay secure in Jesus Christ!!

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