Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another chair

Peace in the evening.
Does it matter where?
A very exciting evening planned:

Three chairs on the balcony-
listen to the birds!
One hand inside the other-
so little use for words!
I'm with the one that I want-
for decades, she's the same,
and we are with Almighty God-
for we are His to claim!

The long day now behind us,
the evening ahead;
rather than go see the town
we'll see the stars instead!
Creator God to join us
as we are hand-in-hand...
those in love as long as we,
they surely understand!

So valuable is the peace of the evening.  So valuable is that peace at any time of day!  May one and all know such peace and escape there often.
Don't forget a chair for the Prince of Peace!

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