Wednesday, May 18, 2016


"Please speak, O Lord and Provider.  Let nothing distract me from Your flow..."

How can words flow again from this,
the heart of this old man...
How can verses formulate
when, barely speak, I can?
How can something that is written
touch emotions deep?
Christ, the Answer, has the answer;
safely for to keep!

I am but a man that writes
what flows from deep within.
Jesus Christ is making sense
of all of it again!
He uses these same words to reach
in places I cannot;
He uses them to turn the heart
and Life becomes the lot!

Questions--they arise from even
him who writes them down.
He turns those questions into wonders
even upside down!
Seldom do I question it,
as answers may be few;
but ALWAYS do I stand amazed
at what this Pen can do!!

Each of us becomes anointed IF we use what He gives us for His glory.  There is a plethora of ways to work for God.  Ask for His anointing in all that you do, and new victories will you behold!

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