Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Again

Living in America, it is very easy to take for granted a lot of things.  One of them being the price paid for our liberty.

Freedom--oh how great the cost

to have such in this life!
Freedom--some paid it for us
with pain and grief and strife...
Freedom--but one price exacted
only ONE could pay,
and we pay them back honor due
on this most hallowed day.

Because of their unselfishness
that picnic will go on...
because they cared not for the cost,
our trepidation's gone...
because they were obedient
to country and command
we can hold parades and events,
we can freely stand!

And we stand and bow our heads
in gratitude to God;
and them that did not come back home
we certainly applaud!
Thank you, every person past
from each branch of service,
because of you can we live lives
that are much less nervous.

God rest their souls.
God minister yet to the families of them that gave all.
God continue to lead, direct and bless this great nation.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Walking through the rows and rows again.
I don't recognize but one or two names, but I have a purpose to be here.
There, that section over there is what I am looking for.  The one with all the flags...

How fallen are the mighty-
now here, beneath my feet;
but to step with honor 'mongst
the stones---the lives complete.
So much of history comes to life
with every name and date;
though varied, all are one in common
here to congregate!
Each of these grave markers has
a flag and their branch seal.
The humble stones contain so many
wonders to reveal!
Those beneath have given life
in service to this nation.
Each of them deserve a bow
in solemn celebration!

How mighty are the fallen
in service to our land!
I read the name then, unto God,
I raise a grateful hand!
Words becoming labored,
We savor yet our liberties
because you took the call!"

They answered the call...but they never returned.
The very least we can do is return thanks unto them and honor them this day...and often!

Friday, May 27, 2016

In Honor Bow

Memories alive!
They differ in each of our hearts, but one thing ties them together...

From revolutionary in
the centuries ago-
(appreciation and respect,
they are same to know;)
to them that are now missing somewhere
in the middle east-
reflect we on each battle and
count not one as "the least."

As we look at "Memorial"
but only days from now,
memorials already be
in hearts with sealed vow!
The calendar to mark such honor
only for one day,
the heart, however, knows no limit
honor to display.

We ponder yet again the ones
who died that we may live;
we honor them that honored us
with their own lives to give!
Kindly do we bow--respect
and gratitude to each,
while bowing unto God Most High-
their souls to yet beseech!!

Thank you for sharing your loved ones with us.
Thank you for sacrificing what we could not that we would continue to enjoy freedom.
"Thank You, Lord, we gave their all.  Please rest their souls.
Thank You, oh Lord, for America!  Please bless her!"

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Before I do anything...before I meet with anyone today, I want to spend time with God, worship Him for awhile, listen and then ask

O draw me nearer to the One

Who never goes away.
He tells me I am in His heart,
and I am there to stay!
He speaks to me throughout the day
about life--here AND there;
without His Presence in my life,
I am not anywhere!

Nearer and more close to Him
Who is above it all.
I have that blest assurance since
responding to His call!
He leads me with security,
He takes me other places
than I may choose to go myself,
and there I'm kept in graces!

"Nearer, O my God to You-
place and time no matter!
Use me, this I pray, to share you-
making people gladder!
O for to avail myself
in ways that do YOU good!
That I would know, in time no more,
I did all that I could!"

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -
Here it is.  The end of the day.  I did what I could.  I said what I was led to say.  Now, what is God going to do with it?


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Uncommon Life!

Quite a few things I have written about of late are common to this life.  There is a Place, however, where none of these things will be present.

Beyond these storms that life presents,
(beyond destruction, too,)
there is a Perfect Place that waits-
that final rendezvous!
Christ be calling each of us
from there with times that vary.
Life there in that final place-
it is NOT ordinary!!

es, beyond the storms that come
upon us from the sky...
beyond the storms afflicted by
a situation nigh...
even past that storm that's stirred up
by somebody's hate-
there awaits God's Paradise
where we shall celebrate!

O try to rise above the storms

that happen in this life.
Call upon the Name of Jesus,
He will calm the strife!
Press on, press on unto that day
when storms are in the past,
and you'll be present in That Day
that will, forever, last!

Life will be perfect there!

No more more more need to be suspicious of anyone or anything...and no more sickness or dying!!
As the hymnist of old wrote,
"Won't it be wonderful there?"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear ones gone

A stirring of the heart at this time of year, mindful of such occasions all throughout the year that happen 'whenever.'

So many to affect our lives
by the things they've done...
They are the ones that we call 'friends'
and even 'daughters,' 'sons;'
fathers, mothers, grandparents,
all gathered for one cause-
we bow our heads in silence for them,
then we give applause!

These ones we love so dearly-
each one, they gave their all.
Unto all corners of the globe
they met this nation's call.
The industry of 'battle' has
so many implements,
but very few were specified
when signing their consents.

The heroes of this nation-
we honor them once more.
No parade receiving, neither
ticker-tape be for.
For they were gone before the
celebrations could commence,
therefore we set our time aside
for proper precedence!

Every rank in every branch
in every conflict past-
we bow our heads and honor them
with gratitude amassed!

Memorial Day approaches.

These words come from a heart that believes that Memorial Day should not be confined to one Monday in May each year.  May we remember them and honor them often, and continue to pray to God for the families that we know of who are shedding tears this time of year.  He is comfort and healing.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Another sign

Another sign of the last days.  Deception.
In some eyes it may seem petty, but to those affected, it can be quite painful.  Even affecting relationships.

Once again, a dark reminder
of the days we're in.
Why can't there be integrity
like, days before, has been?
Why is there so much in this day
"What can I get for ME?"
Has greed so great a stronghold that
we can no longer see?

Some would sell their soul obtaining
that which they desire...
others skip the sale completely
stealing to acquire!
All of it just adding pain
unto 'relationship.'
We've got to turn ourselves around
and cling to God's great grip!!

One will attempt to deceive another just to obtain something.  Usually something of little value.  Why?
The man I was talking to this morning told me he would have probably GIVEN it to the other person if they had only asked.
So painful are the days.  So close is the end.
Stay secure in Jesus Christ!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

That Morning Song!

How wonderful the day has been!!
But what made it any different other day?

I heard from God this morning,
He gave my heart a song.
I carried glad that melody
but all the morning long!
And even with the afternoon
so filled with all of life,
those verses were deflection for
the troubles and the strife!
The song my Father gave me
did not prevent the trial.
It did, however, help me keep
upon my heart a smile!
I thought that no one knew it,
but I was being seen;
one thanked me for the understanding,
and not being mean!

That morning song so faithful-
He sings to me each day
and helps me be a song to others
on the Narrow Way.
We each face things so similar
as we go along.
Why not bless everyone around
by living out His song?

That song first thing in the morning.
I know so many others with something else first thing in the morning.
What would it be like if....

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another chair

Peace in the evening.
Does it matter where?
A very exciting evening planned:

Three chairs on the balcony-
listen to the birds!
One hand inside the other-
so little use for words!
I'm with the one that I want-
for decades, she's the same,
and we are with Almighty God-
for we are His to claim!

The long day now behind us,
the evening ahead;
rather than go see the town
we'll see the stars instead!
Creator God to join us
as we are hand-in-hand...
those in love as long as we,
they surely understand!

So valuable is the peace of the evening.  So valuable is that peace at any time of day!  May one and all know such peace and escape there often.
Don't forget a chair for the Prince of Peace!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Give my all?

But how can I give?  What can I give? 
So very blessed am I to have open communication to KNOW these answers!

"To You alone do I avail

my resources, o Lord.
But only from your hand did You,
already such afford!
What have I that You have need of?
Attention?  Love?  Time?
But God, I give You all, as up
into Your arms I climb!

To You, alone, do I avail...

But God, You need it not!
In this world's eyes I am a number,
just a minute blot!
O but in Your eyes I am
important, loved and kept!
You've celebrated with me, Lord;
and, when I've hurt, You've wept!

To You, alone, do I avail?
But only I give all
because I know somehow, some time
unto me it will fall!
What can I give to Who owns all,
save that which I am told
at the moment that You say
as earthly times unfold."

You, too, can know these answers.

Listen and discern the call of God in your own life.  RESPOND to that call and things will happen!  Don't just blow it off and keep doing what your 'self' tells you too.  Nobody wins then.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

More Assurance!

"You saw me in the centuries ago.
Everything about me did you know.
You knew when I would turn to You and why;
You saw what I would be and You supply!

O God, for there is no one else like You.
You ordained a certain avenue
for this man to follow and arrive;
therefore I am yet--I am alive!!

You saw me before anything was made.
You did not panic at what was displayed!
The good, oh Lord, so far outweighs the bad;
and You are present through all that I had.

I cling to You!  I worship You always,
no matter what is featured in my days!
I know that You are fully in control.
I know Your destiny, Lord, for my soul!"

More assurance! 
God Most High has every one of our moments secure in His hand! we go through life with a "Who cares?!" attitude?  NO WAY!  We go through life with the assurance that we are in the palm of His hand, and that what we say and do matters!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


"Please speak, O Lord and Provider.  Let nothing distract me from Your flow..."

How can words flow again from this,
the heart of this old man...
How can verses formulate
when, barely speak, I can?
How can something that is written
touch emotions deep?
Christ, the Answer, has the answer;
safely for to keep!

I am but a man that writes
what flows from deep within.
Jesus Christ is making sense
of all of it again!
He uses these same words to reach
in places I cannot;
He uses them to turn the heart
and Life becomes the lot!

Questions--they arise from even
him who writes them down.
He turns those questions into wonders
even upside down!
Seldom do I question it,
as answers may be few;
but ALWAYS do I stand amazed
at what this Pen can do!!

Each of us becomes anointed IF we use what He gives us for His glory.  There is a plethora of ways to work for God.  Ask for His anointing in all that you do, and new victories will you behold!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Storm

Watching the evening news. 
Getting more and more fed up with each story told.
Should we be?

The storm, it is amassing;
I shall not be shaken!
When disaster whispers, I
will not be overtaken!
There is power...there is wind...
there is ugliness...

The storm, it is amassing.
I must do what I can.
One thing that I will not do
is panic before man!
Rather, I must plan on how
to help them through the gale;
talking with them about Jesus--
we shall never fail!

The storm--it is not always in
the sky above this man;
sometimes it is among us:
the enemy's vile plan!
BUT GOD is even greater than
his tactics and his ways.
The Straight and Narrow to retain,
which leads to endless praise!

All of this repulsion must come to pass before the Best takes His place.
Press on.  These are merely birth pangs.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Assurance.  Each of us has it.  But how many know and accept it?

How wonderful is the assurance
that I get from God!
Sometimes, when I feel I have failed,
He's right there to applaud!
He knows what I am fitted for,
my capabilities;
my weaknesses and my strengths--
He is aware of these!

He says "You did your best!"
At times He says "I know you tried,
and by that, I am blessed."
Regardless of the outcome,
He always understands;
and when I am victorious,
He's right there in the stands!

So wonderful, the affirmation
of a loving God!
When speaking of Him in this way
some find Him very odd!
If only they could see how loving,
how supportive He,
perhaps they, too, would cling to Him
as He to such as we!

God's Word is "Yea" and Amen!"  He tells us in it countless times that He loves us, He is for us, and there is so much in store if we follow Him!
Do YOU have His assurance?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Knowing His Care

The love of God.
All the words from all the writers cannot accurately capture it.
Here is one more attempt from this writer...

There's no one to take care of me

the way that Jesus does.
I'm always a what "is" to Him
and never a what "was!"
He spends a lot of time with me,
much more than any other;
He not only calls me 'friend,'
He also calls be 'brother!'

Oh, the care He has for those
who call upon His Name!
He makes sure we are lacking not,
He sets our hearts aflame!
He even gives His very self
to anyone who'll ask!
And when He starts that work in you,
He finishes the task!!

There's no one to take care of YOU
the same way as The Lord!
In His heart we are approved,
in His eyes we're adored!
Get close to Him and you will see,
just call His holy Name
and you, also, will come to know
the reason why He came!

God's love is perfect.  His care for us is so incredible.  So many take it for granted because they can't see Him.  They can't see Him, or are they just not looking for Him?

Saturday, May 14, 2016


A slow, lazy afternoon.
The sun is beginning to make it's way west, causing the shadows to dance upon the land...

My Father...oh the wonder of
relationship to share!
He makes the trees I walk beneath...
He makes the precious air!
He gives me time for to enjoy
the workings of His hands...
the love that I have for Him, oh,
I know He understands!

There is no limit to the love
my Father has for me!
He assures that, such affection,
I may clearly see!
And in those moments when that sight
is hindered somehow,
I have His blest assurance, yes,
I have His solemn vow!

How wonderful my Father is
as we take in creation!
He tells me that I'll never know
another such relation!
How splendid, the variety
in His great Presence here!
God Most High--His Eminence,
forever I'll revere!!

So beautiful and so vast are these trees this afternoon.  They dance ever so lightly in the soft breeze.  They raise their arms unto Him in adoration.
I cannot help but do the same!

Friday, May 13, 2016

No more list!

Finally, the list of today's things is over.
I can get something cold, my paper and pen, and

Peaceful is the afternoon
with breezes soft and cool--
like walking with Almighty God
while He's conducting school!
So many things to do today
and most of them got done;
things to cancel here and now?
I cannot think of one!

I will not let a single thing
prevent this precious time!
If 'life' tries to creep up on me
but higher will I climb!
But 'life' is what He says it will be,
therefore, safe am I
to savor oh this wondrous time
with my God Most high!

So wonderful, the afternoon
and after all is done.
Time with Jesus Christ--it can
be serious or fun!
Here in His creation I
am blessed, so very blessed!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
provider of my rest!

What a wonderful afternoon.  We are so blessed to have perfect weather (for the moment!) to enjoy it with, and I will take full advantage of it!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


The more I get involved in this world, the more I yearn for that one awaiting...
The more business I get busy with, the more I look forward to the rest that HE provides...
Don't be deceived!

All day in a place where I
can minister to others...
reaching out in fellowship
to enemies and to brothers;
all the while, recalling greater
in that Place awaiting;
we will toil no longer there,
for we'll be celebrating!

Celebrating Jesus Christ
because of Who He is
as He shares with us Heaven, yes,
and everything that's His!
Worshipping Him evermore
there in that Perfect Place!
It helps me in a cruel world
for to dispense much grace!

This world can be cruel.  This world can be beautiful.  But those things that are beautiful are only glimpses of the wonders that await in that world beyond! 
Try not to get caught up in anything that will rob you of something greater!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Due to the storm...

...yesterday did not happen.
Just kidding.  Due to the storm, however, I did not get a message out yesterday
Due to the storm, there is a whole lot of damage and injury in a lot of places.  And it is still going on right now.
However, I did catch a moment, when the rain lessened a bit, to step outside and see a miracle.  I saw some "color" out my window and through the trees.  Stepping out, I saw two perfectly-arched rainbows! They were both complete and they were quite beautiful!  God is so good!
There are a lot of friends I have and folks I know who might be reading this and thinking that God is not so good.  There were tornadoes in many places last night, again today, and expected again tonight.  Please join us in praying for these folks that are being affected by this weather.  It is really bad in places.
I know God tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust, but I'm not about to say that to someone that just had their home blown away or flooded!  I'm going to embrace them, pray for them and do what I can, because I have been where they are, and I know first-hand that God is there and will restore.
Again, please join us in prayer about this.  I KNOW that God will hear and respond.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother and wife

I wrote recently of the blessings and memories of my mom.  Today, I want to thank God and edify the mother of my children.

The cooking and the cleaning...
the laundry all the time...
going faster than us all
while stopping on a dime...
doing all that she must do
while serving us, as well...
though it takes its toll upon her
very few can tell.

I can tell, however, as
I'm with her through a lot.
I cannot fathom how she goes
with all that she has got!
I know that she gets power from
her Lord and Father God!
And how she does surely makes me
praise her and applaud.
And of much more from me she
deserves, that is for sure!
She does all that she can for all,
with motives that are pure!
She even finds the time to pray
and get into His Word;
in spite of all the obstacles
and things that are occurred.

So, blessings to the mother of
my daughter and my son.
Through your very hands so many
miracles are done!
It is with pride and adoration
I call you my wife!
You gave me two great miracles,
and you complete my life!

Debby Busby, I had always prayed for a good wife.  But what I got was a best friend, a fun person, (a great driver!) and a very caring mother to my children!  God is so good!!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother still

Memories again.
Do they ever go away, do they stay with you here and beyond?
The ones that I have are treasures that know no price!

So many years gave she to us,
so much concern and care.
Did she give second thought to all
the life that she would share?
She put that life into us all,
that nothing we would lack...
O God, please make sure that this man
would give her something back!

But God, she may not get it in
this life that we know now,
this woman that is full of love
and always kept her vow,
so please see to it that she knows,
there in that life beyond
that we appreciate her so
and, of her, we are fond!

But God, we have her here and now!
We are so very blessed!
I will see to it that her praise
and honor are expressed!
For she is worthy of it, Lord,

as she continues yet
to minister to everyone,
her company, to get!

Due to the "condition" that this writer has, I have to write things down in order to remember them.  Some years are completely gone.  However, I have so many precious, wonderful memories of my mother and all the wonderful things she is to me...while being so far beyond a "thing."

Thanks, mom.
Thank You, God!

Friday, May 6, 2016


Mother's Day.  One Sunday in May??  Not in my life!

I know a special woman,

(more special with each day!)
she knows almost everything,
like when and what to say;
she teaches others how to cook,
and how to read and write;
and when I call her "mother,"
my heart takes such delight!

This very special woman
taught me for many years.
I did not learn too quickly;
(that caused her many tears!)
I even went the other way
than what she tried to teach;
but, over time, that heart of hers,
into my own did reach!
And not into mine only,
the love of her to reach,
many folks in many places
would, her love, beseech,
but they can't call her "momma" with
the meaning that I can!
Knowing this, so very fortunate
becomes this man!

I know a special woman
that many others know,
and they appreciate her, too;
so many ways to show!
I appreciate her with
some letter, word and line;
"Thank You, God, this special woman,
to me did You assign!"

Mother's Day. 

It is this Sunday.  That is so wrong!  My mother deserves recognition EVERY DAY! 
I love you, momma!

Thursday, May 5, 2016


What did you do today?
How did what you did affect anyone?
Will you ever know?
Will it matter if you never find out?

So many people to confront
so shortly on this day.
How many get a glimpse of Jesus
as they go their way?
I only stand there with a smile
and demand their money!
Somehow, though, they smile back; is so funny.

A lot of us have jobs that are not very glamorous...not in the spotlight...etc.  Some have occupations that very few know about.  I am very fortunate to work a few hours a few days a week just talking to people. 
Do they get more than just food?
God's Word tells us that in whatever we do, to do it as unto the Lord, and not as unto men.  When we do that, everything matters!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Valuable Time

That's more like it.
I got to spend time with Him today.  Several times!
Instead of taking each "coincidence" for granted, I was able to thank Him for being there with His protection and provision.
I hope you were able to do the same.

So beautiful to see the glory,
the moving of His hand;
so wonderful to be at peace with
"I don't understand..."
O blessed be His Presence in
that time I set aside!
It has to be in daily life,
lest I should be denied.

How many are to understand
a life lived at God-speed?
God has to be a part of it,
or it will fail indeed!
For He is worthy of the time
and much, so much, much more,
and I must give that time to Him
to know what is in store.

O make that time to understand
the moving of His hand!
Talk to Him throughout the day
and He will make you stand!
Time will have more meaning and
you'll know prosperity
by making that fresh time with Him
utmost priority!

Time.  We are only allowed so much.  Do not take it for granted.  Spend time with God before anything else and abundant life will be granted!


First thing in the morning.
Sitting down at the computer.
Not knowing what to write, but knowing for sure that He will provide.

How can I expect Him to speak to me and tell me what to say when I haven't even said a word to Him yet?
I'll write later.  I have something much more important to do right now!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Growing in Grace

Growing in grace.
It has such deep theological attributes and applications.  However, much greater than all of that, is the beauty and simplicity of it and its Teacher!

Grace--You are my teacher as

I grow from day-to-day;
Grace--for You are my control
upon the Narrow Way;
Grace--for You are greater than
mere 'formula' could catch;
Grace--for You are living and
there is no other match!

Grace is but another Name

for Jesus Christ the Lord.
For only through the Father's Grace
is Jesus to afford
the miracles and wonderments-
ours from Him alone;
know the fullness of His Grace
then, surely, you have grown.

Growing in grace.

It's not always painless.  It's not always beautiful.  It's not even always simple.  It IS always necessary.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

God's got this!

On the road again.  So much on my many things going on...I must let it all go and enjoy the trip...

Traffic has me in no hurry

as I go my way...
it will not steal the joy I have-
impossible to say!

That person in that situation
tempting me to fret-
they cannot take the peace I have
in Him Whom I have met!

That situation on my mind
as I am heading home,
I turn it over to my God
and I am free to roam!

So many are the difficulties
on the Narrow Way
that bid us 'panic' by their presence,
oh, but "LIFE!" I say
unto them as I stand upon
the power of The Word!
Thus, no matter what the outcome,
victory is occurred!

Life goes on.  Without us?  If you let it!  But with the security we have in Jesus, we don't have to stay on the sideline fearing failure.  Nor do I need to mull it over in my mind, "what-ifing" about the future.  God has that in the palm of His hand!
Keep living!!  God's got this.