Monday, April 25, 2016

Victory & Sting

How beautiful--the language of
a heart remaining true!
There be no limits to the same,
it's never overdue.
The true heart, it retains the words
and photographs that matter;
it rises over empty chaff,
ignoring worthless chatter.

So beautiful, that tender heart
that knows the truth of life.
Usually it has been hurt,
it has been put through strife.
So very painful be the process
of such purity,
yet precious are the photographs
and memories that be!

O the language of the heart-
impossible to teach?
Can it be learned from someone else?
Nay, for one must reach.
Know the hearts of one another-
fragile and so real,
then you will know how to reach out,
to minister and heal.

A loved one lost a loved one.  It hurts.  Does the pain go away?  No.  But it can turn into a tool of ministry if you let it.  Little things here, there and everywhere will cause those memories to happen.  That's painful sometimes!  At that point, mix it up with some of the wonderful things that aren't so painful, and the sting will greatly lessen.

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