Saturday, April 2, 2016

Too much adoration?

Afternoon flight.
Beholding the glory of His creation from 3000 ft.
The daily grind does not appear to be as busy from up here.
Above the business...
Above the people...
Above the chores...
In sight, however, of the mountains and hills...
in sight of the lakes and rivers...
in sight of the diverse landscapes.
But why?!  It is for those people and that busyness that Jesus came to earth!  He didn't save my soul so that I could find beautiful places and seclude myself!  (Though such is vital in this life!)  He saved me so that I would spread His life...spread His love...spread His Word.
They do not need another place to escape and hide, they need to be told that they are loved, they have great worth, and that New Life is available!  I can't share that with anyone if I am alone up in the wilderness.
However, Jesus is here with me.  We marvel at the works of His hands.  He listens to me.  We discuss the bustle of the "normal" and He tells me to press on, as there are countless others that do not understand why we are here.  Though some may share an appreciation of the glory of creation, they may be clueless as to the glory of The Creator.
Yes, this flight is an escape.  But only to be alone with Creator God, in and above His creation, long enough to refuel and get back to what we are called to do: minister to others.
Too much adoration?  Or perhaps too much adoration of the wrong things?

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