Saturday, April 30, 2016

This day was a 'Breeze!'

Another day that God has made. 
How many people are embezzled by thinking "It's just another day..."?

Breezes are to fill the afternoon;
the choir on the wing--it is in tune!
Variety of voices to exist...
"Thank You, Lord, such moment isn't missed!"

Yes, even with the breezes gaining power,
I can hear the singing of the hour!
So powerful--so subtle is the same;
so many, I cannot recall each name!

Breezes--even, yes, the breath of God.
At the same, oh, all the trees applaud!
Even would the pen join in ovation,
as breezes bring about such revelation!

God is so amazing!  He not only creates the day, but He creates so many wonders inside of it to remind us of His awe and spectacle!
How was your day?

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