Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Tablet of my Heart

"Forever will Your Name be on
the tablet of my heart.
With every beat of life itself,
You, Lord, have a part!
For in there do I hide Your Word
that I might not transgress,
and so that what comes out of me
is love and righteousness!

Lord God, as I bring unto You
desires of my heart,
the enemy would have me think
that, in You, I've no part
by bringing something from the past
that happened way back there,
or something I have in my life
that I'm ashamed to share.
Lord God, help me to stand upon
the things You say to me:
that, in You, I have victory
and, from the past, I'm free!
Victory over hell itself
and they that dwell therein,
and freedom from the very pain
and bondages of sin!

Forever will Your Name be on
the tablet of my heart;
and it will be a shield against
every fiery dart!
I have forgiveness in Your name
and victory over sin!
I stand, oh Lord, with pride and say

It is surely the desire of my heart that each of us could have the same assurance in our hearts.  With that assurance, we can enjoy all of those blessings that are mentioned.  We must be born again.  With the Blood of Jesus in us, His Name will surely be upon OUR hearts! 
Freely fill it, therefore, with His Word and the assurances and mercies that are new every morning!

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