Thursday, April 21, 2016

That time of Day

How wonderful is that precious time with God.
How fortunate are them that MAKE time for matter what time of day!

Breezes are abundant and
at liberty today...
Spring is on display with glory
and so much to say!
As the song of April plays,
The King is passing by,
He stops and talks with me awhile--
my heart cries "Who am I?"

Even in the early eve
His handiwork goes on.
There are so many colors yet
before daylight is gone.
and so many forms of life
alive in early eve!
The one who says "There's nothing here!"
doth surely misconceive!

Enjoying Jesus in the breeze
while the day retires.
Enjoying it with Him Who knows
when EVERYTHING transpires!
"Nothing new beneath the sun..."
yet constant be the change
that God, Himself, on April eve,
is faithful to arrange!

Away from work.
Away from the TV.
Away from devices that distract, to spend a priceless moment with God Most High!
Day is complete!

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