Thursday, April 14, 2016

That light afar...

Again, anew, the wonder of His Presence and the splendor of His Majesty seize me as I behold the sunset...

Underneath a ceiling that
is hanging very low...
over there, at a distance
that's too great to know...
the only light remaining of
the day is fading fast,
I watch it with my Lord beside
in wonder unsurpassed!

As the day comes to an end

we talk about the same.
He shows me where I can improve
in terms so very plain.
He listens as I speak to Him
and says "I understand;"
there is no condemnation as
He reaches out His hand.

So very fortunate
are those
with Jesus in the heart.
He is not just a 'stander-by,'
He is a major part!
And He is part of winding-down
here in the early eve,
as He creates a panorama
so hard to believe!

At the end of the day, don't just sit back and watch what God is doing, invite Him into that time so you both can enjoy it together!  He IS available!


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