Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Small packages

To paraphrase a popular saying, sometimes the most precious blessings come in the smallest packages.
This became so real to my wife and I 29 years ago!

Eyes so filled with wonder-
a wonder even yet;
a voice that gets attention-
still the same?  You bet!!
We did all that we could for her
there in those fragile days;
now, she does all she can for us
in oh so many ways!

And God remains so visible
especially in deed.
She's pledged her life to serving them
that have a dire need.
Giving of herself to them
where would the duty call,
and, through the labors of her hand,
giving unto all.

Upon those eyes of wonder
the writer would reflect.
God was there, (and is there yet,)
to guard her and direct.
And she is following His lead
with wonder in her heart.
Together, we cry out to HIM
"Oh God, how great Thou art!"

Debby & I are so grateful for this little girl!  She has been a miracle, a challenge, a pain, an asset, but most of all, (and even still,) she is a blessing!

(See also http://www.wordstohisservant.com/2012/04/victoria-jean.html)


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