Saturday, April 16, 2016


Blessings on you today.
First, I want to extend our prayers, condolences and concerns to all of those affected in the earthquakes of the past few days.  Our hearts are with you, and we are talking to God for you and about you.

Shaking things up.
That's what happens when we hear of natural disasters.
Shaking us up.  That's what happens when those disasters are happening too close!
Debby and I have been in our fair share of earthquakes.  God was there with us.  We moved from those places to a place that is prone to tornadoes!  God was there with us, too.  And He is still here.
Fact is, wherever we live or wherever we think we should move to, it is not immune from natural disaster.  Whenever it happens, it hurts.  It's catastrophic for many, but it touches all of us in some way, and God is ALWAYS moved with compassion for those affected.
To tell you why it happened where and when is too deep for me, but to assure you that God is concerned and wants to minister to those affected is a given!
Join me tonight and often in praying for those affected by the earthquakes and storms in this life of late.  For God is our only hope in enduring and recovering from such.

In HIS Service,

Jim & Debby

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