Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The glory of the evening.  It is real again as the deeds of the day have come to end. 

One-by-one, the stars appear
across the evening sky...
sitting out beneath the tree,
life, it makes a sigh.
The whisper brushes, ever-lightly,
all across the land,
and there is so much evidence
of God Creator's hand.

As the memories of the day
are spinning in the head,
turn them off and call for peace
to fill that place instead!
It is so easy as creation
comes alive in sound;
and the Presence of the Father
easily is found!

The glory of the evening.
To many, it is merely darkness.  Some even hate it because there is less light in which they can make money!  That's not life!  To behold the glory of the evening, you must make an effort.  You must consciously step out into creation and look around.
Ask God.  He will even escort you!

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