Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Dove

(Sometimes, the words of a poem need no introduction.)

Years ago did I obtain
a very precious dove.
So priceless in my sight, it soon
became my only.
The envy then of everyone!
How fortunate was I!
They remarked about how blessing
did, upon me, sigh.
So covet then did I the dove
that came into my life;
so proud of it, I vowed that I
would never cause it strife.
I possessed, and I alone,
dominion o'er the dove;
and so I kept her in a cage
and gave her care and love.

And I was caused to realize
some things about my dove:
though I kept her in a cage
and gave her care and love,
I noticed she no longer flew
with vigor in her wings;
her highest, deepest aspirations
turned to lesser things.
And I did also come to know
a thing about her song:
it somehow lost the victory
it carried for so long!
From resounding symphony
unto a dullish brass!
So many realizations, then,
across my mind, did pass:
I realized that lovely cage
was really just a bind,
and she did, as I set her free,
affection for me find.
And now, in her unfettered flight,
her song again does ring;
new freedom and new victory
she now has in her wing.

The hardest thing I have to do
is let her have her way.
I have to let her be herself
if I want her to stay.
And one more thing I've realized
since I've had her unbound:
such peace and love exists with us
she freely stays around!

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