Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Work is over.  I am exhausted and I need a quiet place.
I know where to go...

Sitting on the mountainside-

how far can one see?
Beneath the beautiful above,
there is beauty yet to see!
The writer yet be silenced by
the vision of the sight,
save to call on God Creator
in Whom he takes delight!

Sitting on a mountainside
unwinding from the day.
I have escaped to this locale
to hear what He would say!
He always speaks unto my heart
when I shut up and listen;
He does so now as I behold
His handiwork a-glisten!

Sitting on the mountainside
before the day is gone.
Enjoying His blessed company
that ever shall go on!
He makes these places and these times
refreshing to the soul,
then meets me here, and stays with me,
until I am made whole!

We must have a place and time to spend with God alone.  Every day.  It doesn't always have to have a spectacular view like this place does, because as soon as we are in fellowship, everything is spectacular!
Make that time to be with Jesus!

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