Friday, April 29, 2016

Knowledge vs. Wisdom?

Knowledge is something that we can obtain for ourselves.  Wisdom is something that develops on its own as we go through this daily life. 
Do you know the difference?
Does it do you any good?

"You order every step I take;
You know each move that I will make;
You cause appointments in my day
to show to me what is the way.

I have a choice of what to do.
I know the right; (the wrong way, too;)
I must decide which way to go.
The better choice You make me know.

It is quite clear to such as we.

To others, too, the answers be,
but they have chosen to ignore
the freedom of the Open Door!"

Knowledge is escalating at a rate never before seen.  Is wisdom doing the same?  It might be if we clung to The Truth and followed His lead.
But...what is Truth?

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