Sunday, April 3, 2016



Now that the facts are straight, what will be written? 
Should I pull a page from the 4800 pages filed away in notebooks?
Do I open one of the 3500 files on this computer?
Or do I do what I normally do: fold my hands...bow my head and cry "SPEAK, OH LORD..."
A gentleman asked me this morning when I was last at 3500 feet. (In reference to yesterday's words.)  Always ready with exactly when and where, I replied "I don't remember.  Some time in the last century probably."  And on the way home from church, I remembered writing it as we were driving up through the mountains Wednesday and looking out over the vast valley that was beside us.  (That is more proof of God's inspiration through my pen: my memory sucks!!)
But this is Sunday.  And again I cry "Please speak, oh Lord..."

How wonderful it is to know
the wonder of His touch!
The glory of His handiwork-
I savor it so much!
Looking out across creation,
(with Him by my side,)
just adds unto the gratitude
that, in Him, I abide!

God--He is so very real;
God--He is so kind...
His great Presence, in and out,
so constantly I find!
I see Him all throughout the day,
I see Him in the night;
His Presence do I even know
when there's not any light!!
But now is light abundant and
His presence is beside;
He sits right with me as I write-
in Him do I abide!
And He instructs my thoughts and words
as I yield unto Him;
the verses and the pages hence-
He inspires ALL of them!

Inspiration...or obedience?  Usually both.  And ALL God!  I keep a pen and pad with me most of the time.  (Yes, I am a dinosaur!)  I can always find time to talk with Him AND listen for His response.  His response is usually what you are reading here.  God is so faithful!

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