Friday, April 1, 2016


So many hours in the day.
What agenda did I follow...

Where have gone the hours of the day?
An account for them can this man say?
I may not know the details so exact,
but for His glory did this person act!
For in the very hours of the day,
He was right beside me all the way!
Even deep inside me be the same-
He is God, and Jesus is His name!

Where have gone the hours of the day?
They are behind me, all along the way;
and I have peace and comfort 'cause I know
I did my best to keep His Light aglow!
I KNOW I spoke that word unto that man...
I KNOW I gave to someone in His plan...
I KNOW I gave to that one His embrace...
I KNOW I did it only in God's grace!!

Where have gone the hours of the day?
They were spent for Him and in His way.
However, better I know I can do
as long as I remain His avenue!

The day is over again.  A lot was done.  A lot was done that would not necessarily be termed "ministry," but God used it somehow for His glory, and I have that awesome sense of peace and accomplishment as I sit with him!
I pray that you feel the same!

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