Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Why does it seem that the more successful we become and the more advanced the world seem to be, the easier it is for us to get angry?

Fuses be so very short...
tempers fly with ease;
if we are not at odds with some
we do not care with ease!
The smallest things would light that fuse,
or cut a friendship short;
this little game of "I hate you"
is now a major sport!

What happened to "the olden days"
when everybody cared?
Now, if we help or assist someone,
it leaves us feeling scared.
And, again, those 'smallest things'
yet keep our hearts apart.
"Oh God, please change that situation..."
or "God, please change this heart?"

The anger and frustration in the world.  It is definitely a heart issue.
Most of the time, when I am upset with someone for something, it is myself that needs the most change.  Am I mature enough to take that to God in prayer?  Or is pointing out their problem to God and praying for them an easier way out?

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