Friday, April 22, 2016


What a week!
There are thousands of fisherman in town!  I don't know how many professional teams are here, but there are enough to warrant ESPN covering the tournament...and I know to stay away from the lakes until the tournament hours are over!
I prefer to go out there when it's only Debby, myself and God.  Like a few weeks ago...

Stillness, as a mirror,
this evening on the lake.
Not even is there any boat
to shatter it with wake.
And the noises now and then
are the fishes leaping;
between the sunset and the stars,
and then the many sleeping.

Blessed is the peace that is
this evening on the shore.
Blessed be Creator God,
receiving thanks and more!
Blessed be these great appointments
set aside for all,
but noted mostly by the ones
responding to His call.

Wherever you live, there is a place set aside where you can receive perfect peace and refreshing.  God will meet you there.  In fact, He is already there waiting.
Have you found that place?

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