Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fishers of men

What a busy day!
As I look back on it, I am once again reminded of just how busy we SHOULD BE displaying Jesus and how ready we should be to share Him!

So real are the people that
we see throughout the day.
So real are the needs they have,
not always on display.
So real is The God that has
but everything they need,
yet real, too, are some attempts
to run from Him with speed!

So real is the Truth of God,
and needed EVERYWHERE!
Is this man doing all He can
to share Christ Jesus there?
My efforts, they may satisfy
what I think that they should,
but have I really sacrificed
in ways that do most good?

So real is the need for each
of us to spread The Word.
Thanks to Holy Spirit, many
moments are occurred!
Avail yourself unto His lead
and more will know His touch.
Ways to share the love of God
are many and so much!

As I noticed how eager the fishermen were to get back to the meeting places and tell about what they have and "the ones that got away..."  I wonder just how eager we are to get together and share all that Jesus is doing in and around us.
You got a few minutes?

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