Monday, April 11, 2016

Different reality

We often hear and receive reports of the way that God is moving and blessing from all over the world.
Words to His Servants has readers in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and, of course, here in the United States.  We hear reports of incredible revival, and personal notes about how God is moving and ministering one-on-one.  That is reality.

I do not understand, oh Lord;
I can't explain it all.
I want to capture word and verse
pertaining to Your call.
I want to write to everyone
and tell how real You are!
But sometimes, Lord, what I describe
remains, to them, afar.

This is MY reality:
the way You are to me.
How can I verbalize it in
a way that they can see?
The love...the peace...the joy You are,
can I convey to all?
Prepare their hearts, I pray, that they
may have such wherewithal!

You are so very real, Lord,
You are so very good!
I want to be a tool in Your hands,
Jesus, as I should!
Even, Lord, a conduit
of everything You are,
so that, the fullness of You, Lord,
to them, would not be far!


It is different for each of us, but God desires that the reality of Jesus be a part of EVERY life!   The things I see and attempt to record may be foreign to lots of folks, but they are very real to me because Jesus is alive and living in my heart!
O let Him into YOUR heart and know the reality that we do!

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