Friday, April 15, 2016

Daily apointments

How wonderful God is to provide those 'divine appointments' all throughout the day. 
How many of us get too busy to even recognize them?
How many of us recognize them...but ignore them?
Let's not focus on that.  Let's recognize the wonderful opportunities that they are, and the divine results of them as we obey...

Looking back upon the day-
variety so vast.
Did I do all that I could?
It all went by so fast!
Did I say everything I should
to everyone I saw?
Was my attitude without
a prejudice or flaw?

Looking back upon the day-
so many in my path;
the spectrum of emotion there,
from ecstasy to wrath!
I see it very clearly with
discernment from above;
but did they see in me the caring
of my God above?

Yes, I look back upon the day
at where I could do better:
I know I can improve in those
yet bound with dreaded fetter!
Just to reach a little further
as they're reaching out,
releasing liberating words,
not wavering with doubt.

You know that 'feeling' that you should have said or done something, or you feel led to do or say something and you wonder where it's from?  That's the Holy Spirit prompting you.  DON'T IGNORE HIM!  He knows what He is doing, and His timing is perfect!

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