Sunday, April 17, 2016


I am but clay inside the hands
of One so very great!
I have no idea what
The Master is going to make.
I do not have a clue at all,
however, I have trust;
I've given Him complete control-
it will not be discussed!

"I was made for You alone,

even by the Same.
You made me, Lord, presentable
and gave me Your Own Name!
You see what was, You know what is,
and You know what will be-
things that are too great from me,
I hasten not to see!

Clay inside the Potter's hands,
Lord, I belong to You.
You have my permission, Lord,
to do what You must do.
MY PERMISSION?!  That is not
an issue, Lord, at all!
Use me, lead me, guide me, Lord,
and catch me when I fall!"

"Catch me when I fall?"  Should that even be a concern if I am doing all that God leads me to do?  ABSOLUTELY!  You see, pride can very easily rear its ugly head and attempt to destroy this beautiful love relationship that God and I have!  Even the flow of these words can get out of hand lest I glorify Him and make sure He gets credit for their inspiration!
How pliable are you?

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