Friday, April 8, 2016


It is our calling. 
I care that that others get saved and follow Jesus, but should I avoid them until then?

Walking down the crowded street

looking into faces,
trying to find happiness,
but finding only traces.
Everything upon their minds
about what's going on;
and everything inside their hearts
except a joyful song.
So casually we say to God
"Please save their soul, oh Lord,"
and we just keep on walking by,
our time we can't afford...
Seldom will He do this work
unless He is invited,
and seldom does He get the chance
unless we get excited.

We've got to make the time to share,

and, once He's introduced,
power and wisdom, from His Spirit,
is easily induced!
All we must do is show we care
and God will do the rest;
He gives no thought unto the fact
that we are not the best.
As long as we just make the time
to, His sweet Spirit, share,
no matter where we are with Him,
He'll come and meet us there.
Whether it's just being there
or dealing with their soul,
or even joining in their tears,
it's striving for one goal!
So, sensitive, let's all remain
and, unto ONE thing, strive:
Let us all try to be like Him
as long as we're alive!

How are they going to get to know Jesus unless we spend time with them? 

I know many people who will only do things with people from their church or with people who are saved. 
Where, then, is outreach and ministry?

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