Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Being There

The end of the day.  A very busy day!  Do I NOW go to the Lord in prayer?  Was He not with me every step of the way?

All day in the arms of Him

Who satisfies the soul;
the very One Whose perfect touch
makes the body whole!
The One Who gives me all I want
and satisfies my need;
the very arms of Jesus Christ-
my risen Lord, indeed!

Believe me, there's no other place
I'd rather spend my day!
Though there are so many places
I could get away,
none can give the satisfaction
I get in this place:
sitting here with my sweet Lord,
partaking of His grace!

The satisfaction that I have,
His children only know!
For all of those who bear His Name
can, to this same place, go!
You, too, can know this satisfaction
that the world cannot,
just by claiming the salvation
my sweet Lord has got!

That sweet salvation.  His Name is Jesus Christ.  There is salvation in no other, nor is there the satisfaction He has anywhere else.  Period.

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