Saturday, April 30, 2016

This day was a 'Breeze!'

Another day that God has made. 
How many people are embezzled by thinking "It's just another day..."?

Breezes are to fill the afternoon;
the choir on the wing--it is in tune!
Variety of voices to exist...
"Thank You, Lord, such moment isn't missed!"

Yes, even with the breezes gaining power,
I can hear the singing of the hour!
So powerful--so subtle is the same;
so many, I cannot recall each name!

Breezes--even, yes, the breath of God.
At the same, oh, all the trees applaud!
Even would the pen join in ovation,
as breezes bring about such revelation!

God is so amazing!  He not only creates the day, but He creates so many wonders inside of it to remind us of His awe and spectacle!
How was your day?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Knowledge vs. Wisdom?

Knowledge is something that we can obtain for ourselves.  Wisdom is something that develops on its own as we go through this daily life. 
Do you know the difference?
Does it do you any good?

"You order every step I take;
You know each move that I will make;
You cause appointments in my day
to show to me what is the way.

I have a choice of what to do.
I know the right; (the wrong way, too;)
I must decide which way to go.
The better choice You make me know.

It is quite clear to such as we.

To others, too, the answers be,
but they have chosen to ignore
the freedom of the Open Door!"

Knowledge is escalating at a rate never before seen.  Is wisdom doing the same?  It might be if we clung to The Truth and followed His lead.
But...what is Truth?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Work is over.  I am exhausted and I need a quiet place.
I know where to go...

Sitting on the mountainside-

how far can one see?
Beneath the beautiful above,
there is beauty yet to see!
The writer yet be silenced by
the vision of the sight,
save to call on God Creator
in Whom he takes delight!

Sitting on a mountainside
unwinding from the day.
I have escaped to this locale
to hear what He would say!
He always speaks unto my heart
when I shut up and listen;
He does so now as I behold
His handiwork a-glisten!

Sitting on the mountainside
before the day is gone.
Enjoying His blessed company
that ever shall go on!
He makes these places and these times
refreshing to the soul,
then meets me here, and stays with me,
until I am made whole!

We must have a place and time to spend with God alone.  Every day.  It doesn't always have to have a spectacular view like this place does, because as soon as we are in fellowship, everything is spectacular!
Make that time to be with Jesus!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The glory of the evening.  It is real again as the deeds of the day have come to end. 

One-by-one, the stars appear
across the evening sky...
sitting out beneath the tree,
life, it makes a sigh.
The whisper brushes, ever-lightly,
all across the land,
and there is so much evidence
of God Creator's hand.

As the memories of the day
are spinning in the head,
turn them off and call for peace
to fill that place instead!
It is so easy as creation
comes alive in sound;
and the Presence of the Father
easily is found!

The glory of the evening.
To many, it is merely darkness.  Some even hate it because there is less light in which they can make money!  That's not life!  To behold the glory of the evening, you must make an effort.  You must consciously step out into creation and look around.
Ask God.  He will even escort you!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Victory & Sting

How beautiful--the language of
a heart remaining true!
There be no limits to the same,
it's never overdue.
The true heart, it retains the words
and photographs that matter;
it rises over empty chaff,
ignoring worthless chatter.

So beautiful, that tender heart
that knows the truth of life.
Usually it has been hurt,
it has been put through strife.
So very painful be the process
of such purity,
yet precious are the photographs
and memories that be!

O the language of the heart-
impossible to teach?
Can it be learned from someone else?
Nay, for one must reach.
Know the hearts of one another-
fragile and so real,
then you will know how to reach out,
to minister and heal.

A loved one lost a loved one.  It hurts.  Does the pain go away?  No.  But it can turn into a tool of ministry if you let it.  Little things here, there and everywhere will cause those memories to happen.  That's painful sometimes!  At that point, mix it up with some of the wonderful things that aren't so painful, and the sting will greatly lessen.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fishers of men

What a busy day!
As I look back on it, I am once again reminded of just how busy we SHOULD BE displaying Jesus and how ready we should be to share Him!

So real are the people that
we see throughout the day.
So real are the needs they have,
not always on display.
So real is The God that has
but everything they need,
yet real, too, are some attempts
to run from Him with speed!

So real is the Truth of God,
and needed EVERYWHERE!
Is this man doing all He can
to share Christ Jesus there?
My efforts, they may satisfy
what I think that they should,
but have I really sacrificed
in ways that do most good?

So real is the need for each
of us to spread The Word.
Thanks to Holy Spirit, many
moments are occurred!
Avail yourself unto His lead
and more will know His touch.
Ways to share the love of God
are many and so much!

As I noticed how eager the fishermen were to get back to the meeting places and tell about what they have and "the ones that got away..."  I wonder just how eager we are to get together and share all that Jesus is doing in and around us.
You got a few minutes?

Friday, April 22, 2016


What a week!
There are thousands of fisherman in town!  I don't know how many professional teams are here, but there are enough to warrant ESPN covering the tournament...and I know to stay away from the lakes until the tournament hours are over!
I prefer to go out there when it's only Debby, myself and God.  Like a few weeks ago...

Stillness, as a mirror,
this evening on the lake.
Not even is there any boat
to shatter it with wake.
And the noises now and then
are the fishes leaping;
between the sunset and the stars,
and then the many sleeping.

Blessed is the peace that is
this evening on the shore.
Blessed be Creator God,
receiving thanks and more!
Blessed be these great appointments
set aside for all,
but noted mostly by the ones
responding to His call.

Wherever you live, there is a place set aside where you can receive perfect peace and refreshing.  God will meet you there.  In fact, He is already there waiting.
Have you found that place?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

That time of Day

How wonderful is that precious time with God.
How fortunate are them that MAKE time for matter what time of day!

Breezes are abundant and
at liberty today...
Spring is on display with glory
and so much to say!
As the song of April plays,
The King is passing by,
He stops and talks with me awhile--
my heart cries "Who am I?"

Even in the early eve
His handiwork goes on.
There are so many colors yet
before daylight is gone.
and so many forms of life
alive in early eve!
The one who says "There's nothing here!"
doth surely misconceive!

Enjoying Jesus in the breeze
while the day retires.
Enjoying it with Him Who knows
when EVERYTHING transpires!
"Nothing new beneath the sun..."
yet constant be the change
that God, Himself, on April eve,
is faithful to arrange!

Away from work.
Away from the TV.
Away from devices that distract, to spend a priceless moment with God Most High!
Day is complete!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Being There

The end of the day.  A very busy day!  Do I NOW go to the Lord in prayer?  Was He not with me every step of the way?

All day in the arms of Him

Who satisfies the soul;
the very One Whose perfect touch
makes the body whole!
The One Who gives me all I want
and satisfies my need;
the very arms of Jesus Christ-
my risen Lord, indeed!

Believe me, there's no other place
I'd rather spend my day!
Though there are so many places
I could get away,
none can give the satisfaction
I get in this place:
sitting here with my sweet Lord,
partaking of His grace!

The satisfaction that I have,
His children only know!
For all of those who bear His Name
can, to this same place, go!
You, too, can know this satisfaction
that the world cannot,
just by claiming the salvation
my sweet Lord has got!

That sweet salvation.  His Name is Jesus Christ.  There is salvation in no other, nor is there the satisfaction He has anywhere else.  Period.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Small packages

To paraphrase a popular saying, sometimes the most precious blessings come in the smallest packages.
This became so real to my wife and I 29 years ago!

Eyes so filled with wonder-
a wonder even yet;
a voice that gets attention-
still the same?  You bet!!
We did all that we could for her
there in those fragile days;
now, she does all she can for us
in oh so many ways!

And God remains so visible
especially in deed.
She's pledged her life to serving them
that have a dire need.
Giving of herself to them
where would the duty call,
and, through the labors of her hand,
giving unto all.

Upon those eyes of wonder
the writer would reflect.
God was there, (and is there yet,)
to guard her and direct.
And she is following His lead
with wonder in her heart.
Together, we cry out to HIM
"Oh God, how great Thou art!"

Debby & I are so grateful for this little girl!  She has been a miracle, a challenge, a pain, an asset, but most of all, (and even still,) she is a blessing!

(See also


Monday, April 18, 2016


The world is alive and well and desiring you.  It even knows what and when to offer it.  So easily can we get ensnared...

"The flavor of the world on my tongue.
Where is that holy song that once was sung?
I've tasted and I've seen the Lord is good-
why do I not crave that which I should?

O God, You have but everything I need,
yet, unto other sources, do I cede.
I've grown addicted to another taste,
therefore, do I not prosper, do I waste!

O Set me free but yet again, I pray.
Cause me to crave the Truth, the Life, the Way.
The songs of You alone, Lord, to be sung;
and rid me of this taste upon my tongue!"

The Lord is good.

The Bible says to "...taste and see that the Lord is good."  I've done that.  Why, then, do I retreat to something less tasty?  It may be easier to obtain, but its quality is nowhere near what the Lord offers!
What do you crave?

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I am but clay inside the hands
of One so very great!
I have no idea what
The Master is going to make.
I do not have a clue at all,
however, I have trust;
I've given Him complete control-
it will not be discussed!

"I was made for You alone,

even by the Same.
You made me, Lord, presentable
and gave me Your Own Name!
You see what was, You know what is,
and You know what will be-
things that are too great from me,
I hasten not to see!

Clay inside the Potter's hands,
Lord, I belong to You.
You have my permission, Lord,
to do what You must do.
MY PERMISSION?!  That is not
an issue, Lord, at all!
Use me, lead me, guide me, Lord,
and catch me when I fall!"

"Catch me when I fall?"  Should that even be a concern if I am doing all that God leads me to do?  ABSOLUTELY!  You see, pride can very easily rear its ugly head and attempt to destroy this beautiful love relationship that God and I have!  Even the flow of these words can get out of hand lest I glorify Him and make sure He gets credit for their inspiration!
How pliable are you?

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Blessings on you today.
First, I want to extend our prayers, condolences and concerns to all of those affected in the earthquakes of the past few days.  Our hearts are with you, and we are talking to God for you and about you.

Shaking things up.
That's what happens when we hear of natural disasters.
Shaking us up.  That's what happens when those disasters are happening too close!
Debby and I have been in our fair share of earthquakes.  God was there with us.  We moved from those places to a place that is prone to tornadoes!  God was there with us, too.  And He is still here.
Fact is, wherever we live or wherever we think we should move to, it is not immune from natural disaster.  Whenever it happens, it hurts.  It's catastrophic for many, but it touches all of us in some way, and God is ALWAYS moved with compassion for those affected.
To tell you why it happened where and when is too deep for me, but to assure you that God is concerned and wants to minister to those affected is a given!
Join me tonight and often in praying for those affected by the earthquakes and storms in this life of late.  For God is our only hope in enduring and recovering from such.

In HIS Service,

Jim & Debby

Friday, April 15, 2016

Daily apointments

How wonderful God is to provide those 'divine appointments' all throughout the day. 
How many of us get too busy to even recognize them?
How many of us recognize them...but ignore them?
Let's not focus on that.  Let's recognize the wonderful opportunities that they are, and the divine results of them as we obey...

Looking back upon the day-
variety so vast.
Did I do all that I could?
It all went by so fast!
Did I say everything I should
to everyone I saw?
Was my attitude without
a prejudice or flaw?

Looking back upon the day-
so many in my path;
the spectrum of emotion there,
from ecstasy to wrath!
I see it very clearly with
discernment from above;
but did they see in me the caring
of my God above?

Yes, I look back upon the day
at where I could do better:
I know I can improve in those
yet bound with dreaded fetter!
Just to reach a little further
as they're reaching out,
releasing liberating words,
not wavering with doubt.

You know that 'feeling' that you should have said or done something, or you feel led to do or say something and you wonder where it's from?  That's the Holy Spirit prompting you.  DON'T IGNORE HIM!  He knows what He is doing, and His timing is perfect!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

That light afar...

Again, anew, the wonder of His Presence and the splendor of His Majesty seize me as I behold the sunset...

Underneath a ceiling that
is hanging very low...
over there, at a distance
that's too great to know...
the only light remaining of
the day is fading fast,
I watch it with my Lord beside
in wonder unsurpassed!

As the day comes to an end

we talk about the same.
He shows me where I can improve
in terms so very plain.
He listens as I speak to Him
and says "I understand;"
there is no condemnation as
He reaches out His hand.

So very fortunate
are those
with Jesus in the heart.
He is not just a 'stander-by,'
He is a major part!
And He is part of winding-down
here in the early eve,
as He creates a panorama
so hard to believe!

At the end of the day, don't just sit back and watch what God is doing, invite Him into that time so you both can enjoy it together!  He IS available!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Why does it seem that the more successful we become and the more advanced the world seem to be, the easier it is for us to get angry?

Fuses be so very short...
tempers fly with ease;
if we are not at odds with some
we do not care with ease!
The smallest things would light that fuse,
or cut a friendship short;
this little game of "I hate you"
is now a major sport!

What happened to "the olden days"
when everybody cared?
Now, if we help or assist someone,
it leaves us feeling scared.
And, again, those 'smallest things'
yet keep our hearts apart.
"Oh God, please change that situation..."
or "God, please change this heart?"

The anger and frustration in the world.  It is definitely a heart issue.
Most of the time, when I am upset with someone for something, it is myself that needs the most change.  Am I mature enough to take that to God in prayer?  Or is pointing out their problem to God and praying for them an easier way out?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Different reality

We often hear and receive reports of the way that God is moving and blessing from all over the world.
Words to His Servants has readers in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and, of course, here in the United States.  We hear reports of incredible revival, and personal notes about how God is moving and ministering one-on-one.  That is reality.

I do not understand, oh Lord;
I can't explain it all.
I want to capture word and verse
pertaining to Your call.
I want to write to everyone
and tell how real You are!
But sometimes, Lord, what I describe
remains, to them, afar.

This is MY reality:
the way You are to me.
How can I verbalize it in
a way that they can see?
The love...the peace...the joy You are,
can I convey to all?
Prepare their hearts, I pray, that they
may have such wherewithal!

You are so very real, Lord,
You are so very good!
I want to be a tool in Your hands,
Jesus, as I should!
Even, Lord, a conduit
of everything You are,
so that, the fullness of You, Lord,
to them, would not be far!


It is different for each of us, but God desires that the reality of Jesus be a part of EVERY life!   The things I see and attempt to record may be foreign to lots of folks, but they are very real to me because Jesus is alive and living in my heart!
O let Him into YOUR heart and know the reality that we do!

Sunday, April 10, 2016



Sometimes, our hearts just don't seem to want to cry out these words.   Sometimes, life causes us to feel like everything but joy and worship!
You know what?  That's alright!  God is still on the throne and He is still in control.

In the valley once again-

is something wrong with me?
Jesus is right by my side,
and He will always be!
He is matching every step
as I search for that song;
He is the first to hear the question
"Is there something wrong?"

In the valley, it is true,
but I've assurance here.
His favor, His approval and
His love are crystal clear!
He tells me He is well aware
of question and of doubt,
and tells me He is at my side
so that I will not doubt!

In the valley, not alone,
and never for to be!
It is a temporary place
wherein is also Three!
I know that, just ahead, will be
a place where all is clear;
however, 'til I reach that point,
His Presence have I near.

That living song within may be muted for the moment, but not permanently.  I may not FEEL like singing it out, but He tells me that it is alright and, soon, I will!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Tablet of my Heart

"Forever will Your Name be on
the tablet of my heart.
With every beat of life itself,
You, Lord, have a part!
For in there do I hide Your Word
that I might not transgress,
and so that what comes out of me
is love and righteousness!

Lord God, as I bring unto You
desires of my heart,
the enemy would have me think
that, in You, I've no part
by bringing something from the past
that happened way back there,
or something I have in my life
that I'm ashamed to share.
Lord God, help me to stand upon
the things You say to me:
that, in You, I have victory
and, from the past, I'm free!
Victory over hell itself
and they that dwell therein,
and freedom from the very pain
and bondages of sin!

Forever will Your Name be on
the tablet of my heart;
and it will be a shield against
every fiery dart!
I have forgiveness in Your name
and victory over sin!
I stand, oh Lord, with pride and say

It is surely the desire of my heart that each of us could have the same assurance in our hearts.  With that assurance, we can enjoy all of those blessings that are mentioned.  We must be born again.  With the Blood of Jesus in us, His Name will surely be upon OUR hearts! 
Freely fill it, therefore, with His Word and the assurances and mercies that are new every morning!

Friday, April 8, 2016


It is our calling. 
I care that that others get saved and follow Jesus, but should I avoid them until then?

Walking down the crowded street

looking into faces,
trying to find happiness,
but finding only traces.
Everything upon their minds
about what's going on;
and everything inside their hearts
except a joyful song.
So casually we say to God
"Please save their soul, oh Lord,"
and we just keep on walking by,
our time we can't afford...
Seldom will He do this work
unless He is invited,
and seldom does He get the chance
unless we get excited.

We've got to make the time to share,

and, once He's introduced,
power and wisdom, from His Spirit,
is easily induced!
All we must do is show we care
and God will do the rest;
He gives no thought unto the fact
that we are not the best.
As long as we just make the time
to, His sweet Spirit, share,
no matter where we are with Him,
He'll come and meet us there.
Whether it's just being there
or dealing with their soul,
or even joining in their tears,
it's striving for one goal!
So, sensitive, let's all remain
and, unto ONE thing, strive:
Let us all try to be like Him
as long as we're alive!

How are they going to get to know Jesus unless we spend time with them? 

I know many people who will only do things with people from their church or with people who are saved. 
Where, then, is outreach and ministry?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Dove

(Sometimes, the words of a poem need no introduction.)

Years ago did I obtain
a very precious dove.
So priceless in my sight, it soon
became my only.
The envy then of everyone!
How fortunate was I!
They remarked about how blessing
did, upon me, sigh.
So covet then did I the dove
that came into my life;
so proud of it, I vowed that I
would never cause it strife.
I possessed, and I alone,
dominion o'er the dove;
and so I kept her in a cage
and gave her care and love.

And I was caused to realize
some things about my dove:
though I kept her in a cage
and gave her care and love,
I noticed she no longer flew
with vigor in her wings;
her highest, deepest aspirations
turned to lesser things.
And I did also come to know
a thing about her song:
it somehow lost the victory
it carried for so long!
From resounding symphony
unto a dullish brass!
So many realizations, then,
across my mind, did pass:
I realized that lovely cage
was really just a bind,
and she did, as I set her free,
affection for me find.
And now, in her unfettered flight,
her song again does ring;
new freedom and new victory
she now has in her wing.

The hardest thing I have to do
is let her have her way.
I have to let her be herself
if I want her to stay.
And one more thing I've realized
since I've had her unbound:
such peace and love exists with us
she freely stays around!

Monday, April 4, 2016

So many colors!

So many colors in the evening sky.
The lake captures each of them like a mirror.
Not a thing be time itself.
Here and there a fish jumps, shattering the mirror that, eventually, reassembles.
The colors change.  The waters mimic every shade.
All of it is done in the silence of the Ozarks...which, itself, is shattered with intermittence.

So many colors in the evening sky.

That many and more are the ways of God Creator, and He freely shares those ways with those who will take notice.
Are you one of them?

Sunday, April 3, 2016



Now that the facts are straight, what will be written? 
Should I pull a page from the 4800 pages filed away in notebooks?
Do I open one of the 3500 files on this computer?
Or do I do what I normally do: fold my hands...bow my head and cry "SPEAK, OH LORD..."
A gentleman asked me this morning when I was last at 3500 feet. (In reference to yesterday's words.)  Always ready with exactly when and where, I replied "I don't remember.  Some time in the last century probably."  And on the way home from church, I remembered writing it as we were driving up through the mountains Wednesday and looking out over the vast valley that was beside us.  (That is more proof of God's inspiration through my pen: my memory sucks!!)
But this is Sunday.  And again I cry "Please speak, oh Lord..."

How wonderful it is to know
the wonder of His touch!
The glory of His handiwork-
I savor it so much!
Looking out across creation,
(with Him by my side,)
just adds unto the gratitude
that, in Him, I abide!

God--He is so very real;
God--He is so kind...
His great Presence, in and out,
so constantly I find!
I see Him all throughout the day,
I see Him in the night;
His Presence do I even know
when there's not any light!!
But now is light abundant and
His presence is beside;
He sits right with me as I write-
in Him do I abide!
And He instructs my thoughts and words
as I yield unto Him;
the verses and the pages hence-
He inspires ALL of them!

Inspiration...or obedience?  Usually both.  And ALL God!  I keep a pen and pad with me most of the time.  (Yes, I am a dinosaur!)  I can always find time to talk with Him AND listen for His response.  His response is usually what you are reading here.  God is so faithful!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Too much adoration?

Afternoon flight.
Beholding the glory of His creation from 3000 ft.
The daily grind does not appear to be as busy from up here.
Above the business...
Above the people...
Above the chores...
In sight, however, of the mountains and hills...
in sight of the lakes and rivers...
in sight of the diverse landscapes.
But why?!  It is for those people and that busyness that Jesus came to earth!  He didn't save my soul so that I could find beautiful places and seclude myself!  (Though such is vital in this life!)  He saved me so that I would spread His life...spread His love...spread His Word.
They do not need another place to escape and hide, they need to be told that they are loved, they have great worth, and that New Life is available!  I can't share that with anyone if I am alone up in the wilderness.
However, Jesus is here with me.  We marvel at the works of His hands.  He listens to me.  We discuss the bustle of the "normal" and He tells me to press on, as there are countless others that do not understand why we are here.  Though some may share an appreciation of the glory of creation, they may be clueless as to the glory of The Creator.
Yes, this flight is an escape.  But only to be alone with Creator God, in and above His creation, long enough to refuel and get back to what we are called to do: minister to others.
Too much adoration?  Or perhaps too much adoration of the wrong things?

Friday, April 1, 2016


So many hours in the day.
What agenda did I follow...

Where have gone the hours of the day?
An account for them can this man say?
I may not know the details so exact,
but for His glory did this person act!
For in the very hours of the day,
He was right beside me all the way!
Even deep inside me be the same-
He is God, and Jesus is His name!

Where have gone the hours of the day?
They are behind me, all along the way;
and I have peace and comfort 'cause I know
I did my best to keep His Light aglow!
I KNOW I spoke that word unto that man...
I KNOW I gave to someone in His plan...
I KNOW I gave to that one His embrace...
I KNOW I did it only in God's grace!!

Where have gone the hours of the day?
They were spent for Him and in His way.
However, better I know I can do
as long as I remain His avenue!

The day is over again.  A lot was done.  A lot was done that would not necessarily be termed "ministry," but God used it somehow for His glory, and I have that awesome sense of peace and accomplishment as I sit with him!
I pray that you feel the same!