Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Betrayed with a kiss.

How often had they opportune
to seize Him and be done?
But now, were gathered the officials-
and the wicked one;
The enemy had made his move
as the feast drew near;
the pain of The Betrayal as
the celebrants appear.

So painful the reality
on Wednesday of that Week.
The Lord, of course, He knew it all,
and turned the other cheek.
Though it pains us to reflect,
it happens for our good;
Jesus Christ--about to face
what not another could!

"What you do, do quickly!"
and the deed was done.
Very soon would all find out
the passion of The Son!
God's very Son--so loved us e'en
betrayal to allow!
O call upon His holy Name
and seal your soul's vow!

The last Wednesday of Jesus' life.
So much happening in 24 hours.  So much He did for us in those hours.  Please don't look on this as "just another day."  Realize how much He loves you and love Him in return.

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