Tuesday, March 22, 2016


In spite of the issues of the day...
in spite of the events of the week...
in spite of life continuing on The Path that has already been settled, God Most High provides moments of rest and reflection, knowing that we cannot handle the totality of what is going to happen.
He does so even this morning...

Rolling hills aglow against
a sky so very black;
chores already done, therefore
the morning now be slack;
time for to behold the glory
of His mighty hand...
in the glory of the wonder
I no longer stand!

In the calm before the storm
I ponder all He said.
Against the backdrop of the mountains
He goes not unread.
In the truth of existence
I must ponder much,
and, as I listen to The Spirit,
I feel His great touch!

Though issues of the day persist...
though, soon, be great events,
I know His Presence and am strengthened
with great recompense!
I know His Presence will not leave,
His Word will never fail;
and, though the week is angst and tension,

The week so far has been filled with uncommon things, all while being unforgettable because of Jesus' Presence!  For even now, with the sky and elements astir, there is a beauty, wonder and Peace that cannot be put into words.

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