Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Week

Imagine having to face the next seven days KNOWING all that will happen.  Would that not cause stress?  The Word assures us that Jesus is surely God, but it also states that He felt everything that we would feel.  Hmm...

He goes throughout the week ahead

with us upon His heart;
All power has He, at any moment,
to flee and to depart!
Knowing of the suffering,
knowing of the pain,
He presses on, that life abundant
to become our gain!

How many there to recognize

the royalty of Him?
How many, on this day, the doors
of His Own house, would dim?
How many even care to know
the Truth of this each year,
save for a day of rest from works
to enjoy another beer?

Royalty we celebrate,

Jesus Christ by Name!
He is holy.  HE IS RISEN!
O make this more than "...just a day
that happens once a year."
Make it a day that settles that
relationship so dear!

That relationship that Jesus established by coming to earth.  Culminating this holy week.  Please don't take it for granted and turn your back on Him.

Jesus Christ makes all the difference in the world!

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