Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The More

"Dear Father, thank You for the right and privilege to vote!"

The day after voting.  Has anything changed?  Is anything different?  Whatever changes are or are about to be, none of them can satisfy that deepest desire of the heart!

The more I see of what goes on
here in the here and now,
that much more grateful I become
that Christ has sealed my vow!

The more I witness life and living
in the day-to-day,
the more I yearn for His return,
eternity my stay!

The more I have my hands in as
I go about the task,
the more I lift those hands to Him
as He tells me to ask!

The more I see my Lord ignored
in all that's going on,
the more that I desire Heaven
and, from here, be gone!

It is a wonderful privilege that most are denied.  But virtue and morality cannot be legislated.  It must be a decision of the heart.
I vote for Jesus to return quickly!

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