Saturday, March 26, 2016


Saturday morning.  Looking around.  Talking to the residents.  Reflecting on all that happened.  What happened??  It all happened so fast this week!  So horrific!  So painful.  Now we can't find Him.

Saturday.  A sadder day,
but could there ever be?
Our hopes and dreams are scattered as,
our dreams, we cannot see.
He spoke of our deliverance...
He spoke of liberty...
we saw Him suffer, hang and die;
and, now, we cannot see!

O where has gone the blessed hope
to which we once did cling?
He's locked away inside a tomb?
He spoke of such a thing?!!
Where is the kingdom and the realm
of which He freely spoke?
Were they words that are yet to be,
or was it just a joke?

A sadder day we do not know;
such disbelief and shock!
Some are even celebrating
covered by a rock.
It was amazing while it lasted;
now, the Lord is gone,
and this is just another painful
middle-eastern dawn.

We saw it with our own eyes: the suffering...the death...the burial.
We see it now with our own eyes--the emptiness...the pain...betrayal.
How could One Man elevate our hopes so high only to go away?

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